What We Do

The Dalsuit Group are business turnaround specialists and experts at practically implementing ‘advice’ in a unique hands on approach to grow our clients’ sales, their people and business. We advise, develop and execute business improvement strategies to achieve key performance objectives and drive profit for owners and investors.

Dalsuit engages with high growth potential firms that require assistance from a highly skilled executive with business turnaround expertise: implementing a robust Go to Market Plan, developing excellence in Sales & Marketing ,alliance partner and channel management; foster The Tribe with a culture of success and instilling an ownership mentality among your staff.

These deliverables are achieved on an interim management basis until the agreed success criteria is achieved. During the engagement, Dalsuit executives actively immerse themselves in all critical aspects of business management, undertake extensive research of market dynamics, internal and external customers, define set of unique selling propositions and identify Go To Market opportunities within vertical sectors that represent repeatable, portable, success; and introduction of specialised training, development, up-skilling and mentorship.

Once the agreed success criteria is achieved, or a clear progression toward the exit strategy fully realised, then a succession plan is enabled to ensure smooth transition from our interim business turnaround specialist into the hands of a capable successor for business continuity.

Why Dalsuit

Uniquely, the Dalsuit Group will implement business growth advice utilising existing client staff or will directly execute key strategies and sales calls to agreed success criteria on an interim management basis.

Where typical management consultancy firms stop, that is precisely where we begin – our advice looks like ‘sleeves rolled up prepared to do the hard work to achieve the agreed upon success criteria. Our focus is to create long term business value through robust deliverables that translate into repeatable, portable success. Another Dalsuit point of difference is the expertise and level of accountability that our results/growth oriented executives possess.

The Dalsuit Difference is direct involvement of a business turnaround specialist implementing repeatable portable success

The Dalsuit Difference is direct involvement of a business turnaround specialist implementing repeatable, portable, success.


How We Engage

We engage with high growth firms and their investors to drive revenue and profit results in the five critical areas:

  1. Executive Mentoring / Coaching
  2. Interim Business Management
  3. Go To Market Plan development and execution.
  4. Driving Sales & Marketing Excellence
  5. Fostering People & Culture for growth and business continuity.

Go to market strategy and delivery

Client-principalsWe engage with an initial discussion defining the clients goals, time frame and exit strategy. This is then used as a reference point for a review of the current mission statement and selling proposition, cascades to a business plan assessment and translates into a tested and implemented Go To Market plan.

Tactical engagement and delivery

Dalsuit has developed a range of specific project services including trusted advisor executive support, proposal development and management, marketing excellence, crisis management. interim management, merger and acquisition assessment, exit strategy representation, franchise development, people management and measurement, change and culture development, executive skills gaps, sales training in basic to advanced selling methods, effective sales management and establishing and managing a reseller channel.

The Dalsuit Result

Tug-Of-WarGrowth – our clients leverage the Dalsuit experience to deliver results on a least risk and quickest time to implementation basis.

Key individuals leading customer facing and service functions in our client firms engage and contribute to the agreed go to market vision. Picture the tug of war rope – pulling customers towards the firm are the founders, investors, management, sales, implementation, support teams and channel partners. The force is not weakened by members of the firm pulling at an angle. All involved clearly understand the objective and can passionately explain the firms value to prospects and customers.

Dalsuit History

In multiple engagements since 1991 the founders of Dalsuit observed that the business plan, marketing and sales engine of client firms were not delivering on the stakeholders financial and personal goals in an acceptable time frame.

This led to reduced growth due to distractions including lack of management focus, ineffective sales and marketing, staff conflict and under performing alliances and channel partners.

Executives were tied to day to day operational matters and spent their days running their business – rather than growing it.

Since then Dalsuit Principals and consultants have worked as, and with senior managers in multinational clients including IBM, Computer Sciences Corporation, Oracle and emerging high growth firms in the construction, software, professional services, distribution, e-Learning and facilities management markets…See: Our Story for more about us.