Joining the Dalsuit Group

trustThe Dalsuit Group has grown organically due to the perceived value of the advice that we as individuals provide to business people.

That proof of value comes when a client pays an invoice. Every year in excess of half our revenues comes from our existing client set.

Our clients do not see us as “management consultants” – who they describe as individuals that develop high level strategy, schedule a review in six months and then walk away. They tell us that they engage Dalsuit because of our willingness to execute and implement our strategies in the real world – including calling on our customers customers to win business and transfer skills. In reality they engage and trust the person based on presence and credibility.

Getting this right means that our people must have a background and skill set that is real world – or experiential based. Our consultants are veterans of industry who have developed and then implemented strategy a number of times over a fifteen to twenty year career.

To grow and better serve our clients, Dalsuit has developed a Principal based model to attract such veterans to the group and broaden our suite of specialities and capability.

Many of these individuals are successful independent business people. We need that as a prerequisite. Most are looking to develop a multiplier for their practice to reduce the dependence on their own direct professional services and ideally to build a passive or annuity revenue stream. All are looking to ensure that any involvement in a group results in 1 plus 1 equalling more than 2 -otherwise why bother.

The Dalsuit Group offers appropriately credentialed and growth focused business people the opportunity to share the financial reward created by the group. Dalsuit profit shares via a unit trust structure that accumulates revenue and distributes to Principals based on their ownership.

This simple structure provides the glue that holds the individuals together and forms the tribe culture that we endeavour to create within our clients for repeatable, portable success.

Benefits include lead generation and cross referral, packaging of capability, marketing and online promotion, administration support, retention of the majority of the value of individual invoice events, professional development through exposure to peers, annuity revenue opportunities, wider and deeper suite of services for existing clients and profit share based on the success of the group as a whole.

Please contact us if you are interested in building and being part of a group that grows other businesses by delivering value that results in improved profits.