Interim management

Six months in a fledgling or struggling company may be all it takes for a professional to put things right.

team1Interim management is a strategic business management service that Dalsuit clients use when a task needs to be executed cleanly and quickly.

The Dalsuit proposition is based on delivering services on a least risk and fast time to implementation basis. That can only occur through gathering real life executive experience across a number of industries. This describes the background of our consultants.

Dalsuit typically provides interim management CEO, Sales Director, Sales Champion, Special Project or General Manager consultants on a 3-12 month basis to firms that meet our typical client profile.

Dalsuit interim managers in strategic and tactical business management engagements  may address these common problems associated with:

The business drivers for interim management differ widely, therefore interim management would look different in each case.

  • Smaller firms typically engage when the workforce has grown to about 30-35. Then they are no longer a single work group. They have developed into functional work groups, so the coordination between these groups is more complicated and challenges many founders and entrepreneurs.
  • Venture capitalists and investors main job is to select companies for investment and raise money, and ultimately look after the company. Typically these firms wait too long to act on a management issue and then need a rapid remedy.

The key role of the Dalsuit interim manager is to stabilise the situation, create the tribe, develop and gain agreement to clear goals and then execute to those goals using agreed measures.

Typically the interim manager will be involved in the clients succession planning or recruitment process,   Job Description & Employee Development Plan,  will help train the new manager and has a set objective to transfer skills and handover when the business and the individual is ready.