Manage the business

Manage-the-businessSupporting our clients need to grow and manage the business and deal with change has created a number of tactical engagements. These include:

Crisis management

Every year the media features large firms and figures in the public eye mismanaging crises such as a product recall, staff health issue or personnel misconduct charge.   Crisis

Leaping to an immediate denial is seldom the best way to respond. Many of these situations could have been defused quickly or avoided using appropriate crisis management techniques.

AIM. Acknowledge, Isolate, Move forward. These are the key principles that leaders use to handle a business crisis.

Dalsuit works with managers and individuals to share methodology for handling high risk situations, and will provide consulting advice in an actual crisis situation.

Succession planning

Succession-planIdentifying and growing successors is key to the health, longevity, staff retention and market value of a business.

Dalsuit provides succession planning methods, mentoring and external leadership management courses to high potential individuals… Learn More

Sales support systems

Sales teams needs support with territory planning, prospecting, pipeline, forecasting, commission plan, complaint handling, and customer relationship methods and systems… Learn More

Metrics and KPI

KPIWhat are the key elements of the current health of the business and its future. How can executives identify, track and apply corrections using Key Performance Indicators?

Dalsuit works with clients to develop dashboard reporting for key metrics and KPI applicable to the business….Learn More

Facilitating & motivating meetings

Driving tangible deliverables from strategic planning sessions requires clear objective setting and tight management of participants. Facilitating services provides objectivity, goal setting, control and call to action methods to day sessions and extended conferences.

Motivational theme, keynote speaker and after hours speaking topics are available… Learn More.

Recruitment support and salary scales

motivateWhat do you look for when recruiting. How do you assess candidates who sell for a living. How do you develop a business wide salary scale system that retains, encourages and motivates your people?

Dalsuit provides advisory services including interview participation to assist executives in effective selection, and methodology and templates for salary scales and increases…Learn More

Project risk management

Risk-managementHow does a business win work and then avoid unfunded project creep and unsatisfied clients? How can the expectations of vendor and client be formally matched at project commencement, acceptance criteria defined and payments tied to milestones. How can a vendor deliver on the first phase whilst simultaneously collecting requirements for a second stage of work?

Tight Statement of Work definition and project management methodology are the keys to satisfied clients and profitable engagements… Learn More