People and culture

In the history of people and culture one of the most successful grouping of humans was the tribe.

TribesWith a norm of 100-120 people in size, every member of the tribe clearly understood the importance of their contribution and valued that of the other members. Without the warrior there would be no meat, without the stone worker there would be no tools, the elder carrying the fire embers from camp site to the next was honoured and the medicine woman was treasured by all.

The people embraced the tribal identity – culture –  and most importantly the tribe at that size could react to a change in circumstances or new opportunity with a rapid change of direction.

Dalsuit works with our clients people to emulate the advantages of a tribe with modern day people and culture – role, co-ordination, respect, trust and nimbleness.

Job Description & Employee Development Plan

A business will only succeed when all members understand their precise contribution, that of their colleagues and the end result for the customer.

Distilling current job responsibilitiy, skills and performance measurement criteria into a clear Job Description is an essential element to people management, retention and a coordinated workforce.

In the longer term, valued employees can be retained when management takes time to understand and agree on the individuals realistic career aspirations in the medium and long term.

The Employee Development Plan creates this mutual understanding, cements employee loyalty and assists the manager in providing skills development and experience designed to make the employee a great candidate for their next promoton.

Performance management

Most individuals at work inherently want to do a good job and feel they are contributing positively.

Leaders can continually encourage that motivation by providng a clear and transparent performance management method for employees and their managers.

The Dalsuit approach delivers a mutually agreed and objective measure for outstanding, acceptable and below standard performance for a specific job description. At review time, actual performance can be plotted against that desired and salary increase and/or improvement activities agreed upon in a non confrontational manner.

Change and culture

ChangeRecognising the need for change and having your people embrace it are challenging tasks for leaders. This can be further complicated by cultural resistance to the new direction.

Dalsuit works with leaders and team members to assist in developing a clear understanding of the new environment, the options, the chosen path and the impact on the individuals in the tribe.

Effective teams

trustCreating and inspiring teams in your business is essential to growth, harmony and a reasonable working day.

Understanding team leader and member personal profiles and motivations, establishing team identity, empowering individuals and using delegation techniques are key focus areas in this speciality.

Empathy and Trust

A lack of empathy or trust in the workplace is a proven technique to lose clients and fail business ventures.

The ability to give and receive direction, ownership and trust is gifted to some at birth and must be learned by most.

Dalsuit offers individual support and formal workshop change events in the area of trust and empathy.

Poor performance

TeamsIndividuals exhibiting poor performance challenge managers. Determining cause, investing in remedial measures, counselling and formalised exit procedures are time consuming but necessary.

Dalsuit offers support to managers and coaching for below standard individuals in these circumstances.