Customer service training

On a daily basis we experience a lack of customer service training, poor or disinterested service at a retail store, over the phone to a call centre or when engaging with the sales representative of a service provider.

Contrast this with the breath of fresh air that you feel when you enter the next store and strike a friendly, enthusiastic listener who engages directly, understands your needs and then explains why they are making a specific recommendation to meet your requirements.

Often a firm only gets one chance to create the right impression – and that is based on how your people represent themselves and the business…customer service training is the bridge.

Basic skills starting with eye contact, open questions, effective listening, confirming understanding, handling objections and closing the business are crucial when dealing with prospects.

Dalsuit offers a suite of customer service training options designed to maximise the professionalism of your sales and service people in a customer facing environment, increase their close rate and grow existing customers.