Marketing Excellence

Marketing excellence can be defined as spending marketing dollars effectively and confirming that it actually led to a sale .

We assist in the development of marketing plans and engage with our clients using an approach based on driving marketing excellence through separating marketing into two areas.

  1. Awareness activities designed to let the business community know you are a participant- advertising, banners, radio, TV; and
  2. Demand generation activity designed to specifically target a prospect type with a crafted proposition.


Marketing Strategy Plan

Marketing-planMarketing strategy needs to support and complement the holistic sales direction, value proposition and competitive difference determined in the Go To Market strategy, whilst partnering tactically at a territory level to uncover prospects through key sales initiatives.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis starts with determining the business our clients are really in and then agreeing on the unique selling proposition. Those first steps are taken before assessing who may be a potential competitor.

Core offerings include an assessment of who competitors may be, their strengths and the development of marketing and sales tools tailored to rebut and position competitors claims.

Surveying the market

When asked the right questions existing customers, prospects in targeted territories, partners and resellers will all provide critical guidance and reaffirmation of direction in advance of the marketing spend.

Dalsuit assists by developing, executing and analysing custom market surveys leading to a recommendation backed by real life feedback.

Case study and KAP’s

A key marketing responsibility is the establishment of credibility. The professional creation of selected client case studies and Key Account Profiles is a proven method to establish reputation.

The same document can serve as a compelling demand generation tool when used in a targeted campaign.

Dalsuit offers selection, interview and project management services designed to deliver high quality testimonials in support of the marketing message.

Public Relations and Media Training

We have developed key offerings to assist in initially selecting, and ongoingly getting value from a Public Relations firm.

In addition we equip our clients spokespeople with managing the media communication skills to ensure that key points are made and retained when dealing with journalists.