Sales training

train-sales-peopleThe quality of your firm’s representation in front of the prospect is often the key reason for a win or loss result.

Sales training – instilling, growing and retaining sales excellence is an ongoing challenge.

Dalsuit provides sales training across a broad spectrum spanning initial sales skills assessments, formal courses, individual support and real life sales calls with your sales people to transfer skills whilst securing the business

Basic sales training

This offering has been developed to assist individuals who are new to sales or who have never had any formal sales training. In this course participants are introduced to the key elements of a sales call.

Rapport building, credibility establishment, needs determination, aligning benefits to identified needs, objection handling techniques, trial close methods and gaining mutually agreed next steps within every sales call are explained and rehearsed in a case study and prospect environment.

Prospecting & qualification

A key responsibility of sales people is to bring the best quality prospects to the business.

Accomplishing this requires a clear understanding of what makes a Class A prospect – what is the profile of the most attractive potential customer for the firms products or services.

Having identified an ideal prospect the sales person needs to qualify the opportunity in key areas. Gathering an understanding of budget, timing, authority, need, compelling event and competitive bias are essential skills for the effective sales person.

Key account planning

Most firms have a number of key clients that must be won, retained and grown. Suppliers compete fiercely for these opportunities and assign their most skilled and senior sales professionals to the task of winning the business.

Typically large in size and with complex decision making cycles, winning these customers demands a comprehensive account planning and coverage strategy to ensure retention and an increase in sales volumes.

Dalsuit delivers a custom large account coverage methodology, training and assistance in completion for strategic opportunities

Must win opportunities

Highly strategic, foundation or significant revenue opportunities demand the best possible analysis, qualification, win theme development, proposal generation and sales representation.

Engaged to assist existing sales staff for must win deals, Dalsuit consultants provide opportunity assessment, account strategy development, sales person mentoring and call rehearsal, proposal development, simulated loss review, targeted customer calls and milestone, key stage and final closing call strategy.

Presentation skills

team1Presenting to a group and communicating effectively are key skills for leaders and sales professionals.

Projecting a credible personal presence, body language, the use of media, audience engagement, voice intonation and the development of a compelling win theme are covered in this offering that is typically described by participants as one of the most personally and professionally rewarding courses in their career.