Executive mentor

Trusted advisor

Executive Mentor - DalsuitExecutive mentor and trusted advisor services have emerged as many of our clients have grown dramatically on the back of the founders enthusiasm and core competency. These visionaries now find themselves increasingly distracted from growing the business by the need to structure and ongoingly run the firm.

Visionaries do not always have management, business process, sales or well developed interpersonal capability – people are the hardest part! Inevitably success through growth will require expertise in these areas. This is where executive mentor and trusted advisor services apply.

Dalsuit offers ad-hoc and retained advice and interim management execution to growing firms in general management techniques spanning the spectrum of strategic advice to day to day operational challenges.

Trusted advisor and executive mentor services include improving personal effectiveness, communications skills, establishing business processes, staff management and recruitment, Board level participation and support and the development of key initiatives.

Critical path to success

Leadership is lonely. Often executives are so focused on operating the business day to day that they lose sight of what to do next at a strategic level.

Dalsuit-ladderDalsuit assists leaders in revisiting the success definition for the business, identifying the options, selecting the best alternatives and then determining the high value activities needed to stay on the critical path to success.

Business health check

Running a business in the same industry day after day can lead to subjectivity and a lack of awareness of best practice. This in turn can lead to lost opportunities and market share.

Dalsuit consultants are cross industry and bring objectivity,a realistic assessment of the state of the business and key areas of improvement and refocus.

Organic growth strategies

Business can grow in a number of ways. Traditional organic growth happens through methods including increasing the number and quality of direct sales, expanding product range, upselling each sale amount and improving marketing reach and effectiveness.

Additional leveraged growth can be driven by introducing a reseller network, a recommender program – or franchising the business.

Dalsuit works with business leaders to assess which of these strategies is appropriate for their business, the impact and the sequence – and on request will assist in the execution of the strategy.

Exit Strategy

ExitDeveloping an exit strategy covering how and when to exit the business for maximum reward are matters that need to be considered well before the sale itself.

The process of making the business attractive to a potential acquirer should happen years before the sale. Likely buyers have different profiles and look for different characteristics in potential acquisitions.

Dalsuit can assist by developing well in advance an awareness of the probable profile and decision criteria of your buyer. This enables the business owner to structure the firm, the client set, the succession plan and daily operational decisions to improve the value of the company when the time comes, or when an unsolicited approach is made by an interested party.

As sale time approaches, Dalsuit offers a suite of services designed to maximise value for intending vendors including assistance in preparation of Information Memorandums, sellers agent single point of co-ordination for the entire process, confidential representation to interested parties and professional negotiation services.